The Brand New 'Pizzaburger' Is One of Many Food Combinations You Have to See to Believe (PHOTOS)

Is your sweet tooth all sugared out? Ready to try the next big food trend that some are saying may replace the coveted cronut?

Say hello to the pizzaburger: a bacon cheeseburger wrapped in a pepperoni pizza, baked in the oven like a calzone, and then topped with just enough lettuce, tomato, and pickle to make you fool yourself into believing you're eating something healthy (okay, maybe not).

The pizzaburger was conceived by popular chain Boston's Restaurant and Sports Bar and has apparently taken off across Canada. 

It contains a whopping 1,360 calories and 2,000 milligrams of sodium. So, yeah, Diet Coke sales at Boston's may just rocket in the next few months. 

On its surface, the pizzaburger seems to have what it takes to stand beside the cronut, but given how rapidly foods trends come and go, is it special enough? 


Although most recent trends, including cupcakes, homemade gelato, and the cronut -- a combo of the croissant and doughnut -- have been dessert items, this isn't one of the criteria for trendy foods. Typically, you need to either mash up two unexpected and awesome foods together (like French Onion Soup and burgers or kale and ice cream) or take an old standard, like fried chicken or cupcakes, and give it just enough of a twist (bacon cupcakes, anyone?) to make people see it in a new light. 

Unfortunately for the pizzaburger, hamburger mash ups are enjoying their own moment right now, particularly on the two coasts, where people wait in line for hours to sample the Ramen Burger, Umami burger, and even the Umami Cronut burger

With that said, the pizzaburger is definitely an interesting concept, and although burgers have been done to death in the trend cycle, pizza has, surprisingly, been left largely untouched until now. 

So, maybe there's hope yet?   

Does all this talk of pizzaburgers make you crave one or would you stay far, far away from this food trend? 

Image Via Boston's Restaurant & Sports Bar

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