5 Weird Soda Flavors Gone Before Their Time (PHOTOS)

Rebecca Stokes | Sep 11, 2013 Food & Party

sodaThe soda world is pretty tame these days. Sure, we all love our diet colas and who isn't a fan of root beer? Every so often trendy Italian sodas are in the news, but by and large, in the food world, we aren't as soda obsessed as we once were.

But not so long ago, in the 1990s, there was a soda for every personality. As Coca-Cola and Pepsi went to war, the soda-quaffing public reaped all the benefits, sampling new, weird, and memorable flavors. While most of these sodas have gone to live in the big vending machine in the sky, they live on through soda collectors. That's right, folks spend top dollar on defunct beverages. Whether you are a collector yourself or just looking for a walk down memory lane, we've put together a slideshow of our 5 favorite dearly departed sodas available via collectors.

  • Crystal Clear Pepsi


    Image via eBay.com ($76.84, eBay)

    This clear version of the old classic was designed at the height of the "better for you" mindset of the 1990s. The clear soda had no caffeine and was marketed as a healthy soda. It did taste the same as Pepsi, but only if you closed your eyes.

  • Orbitz


    Image via eBay ($20.00, eBay.com)

    If Orbitz was on the market now, it might do well. After all, Bubble Tea is huge in the states, so we've acclimated to having to chew our drinks. But in 1997, this wasn't the case. Too bad, so sad, please see your way out.

  • Jolt Cola


    Image via eBay.com ($32.99, eBay)

    This one is technically cheating, since Jolt can still be purchased in a few small places. That said, it's nowhere near as common as it once was, and its company recently filed for bankruptcy. Jolt promised the same amount of sugar and two times the caffeine. In short, it was every mother's nightmare.

  • OK Soda


    Image via eBay.com ($300, eBay)

    OK Soda was Big Soda (Coca-Cola) trying to appeal to Generation X. Remembered more for its distinctive artwork and its motto ("Things Are Going to Be Ok") rather than its taste, OK never really found a home and came as quickly as it went in 1995.

  • Coke Blak


    Image via eBay.com ($4.95, eBay)

    I shudder to recall. Discontinued in the states after a mercifully brief run in 2006, this coffee-flavored soda drink still enjoys popularity in other parts of the world. Excellent in theory and abroad? Maybe. But not so much in practice at home.

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