5 Weird Soda Flavors Gone Before Their Time (PHOTOS)

sodaThe soda world is pretty tame these days. Sure, we all love our diet colas and who isn't a fan of root beer? Every so often trendy Italian sodas are in the news, but by and large, in the food world, we aren't as soda obsessed as we once were.

But not so long ago, in the 1990s, there was a soda for every personality. As Coca-Cola and Pepsi went to war, the soda-quaffing public reaped all the benefits, sampling new, weird, and memorable flavors. While most of these sodas have gone to live in the big vending machine in the sky, they live on through soda collectors. That's right, folks spend top dollar on defunct beverages. Whether you are a collector yourself or just looking for a walk down memory lane, we've put together a slideshow of our 5 favorite dearly departed sodas available via collectors.


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