Dozens of People Stricken Ill After Eating ‘Fizzy, Moldy’ Yogurt

chobaniRemember that Chobani yogurt recall we told you about? Well, they weren't calling it a recall recall, at first. They just "pulled" the yogurt from shelves. Then the company got a professor to say that the mold found in the contaminated cups should "not pose a health risk for most consumers." Key word there being "most." Well, "most" is relative, isn't it? Because since the recall, the FDA has received 89 reports of illness linked to Chobani yogurt. People are complaining that after eating the yogurt, they experienced nausea and cramps, and yes, they specify it was the yogurt manufactured in the Twin Falls factory where the contamination originated. Ruh roh, yogurt eaters.


To be fair, last week the company admitted that the "mold can act as an opportunistic pathogen for those with compromised immune systems." So ... maybe 89 people with compromised immune systems happened to eat the contaminated yogurt. Maybe they didn't notice the fizzing, either. That or they considered it an exciting new feature. Shouldn't ALL yogurt fizz like that? Fizzing is the new 3D for yogurt. Or something.

Anyway, no one wants to spark a yogurt panic, but I think it's better to err on the side of caution. It's official: The contaminated yogurt can make you sick. So don't be all cavalier and say "meh, I've got a solid immune system!" and dig in. Be afraid. Be very afraid. And check the label. The contaminated batch has the code 16-012 and expiration dates between September 11 and October 7. The more you know!

Of course, some of these symptoms could be psychosomatic. Can't you just see it? You eat some yogurt, and then you find out about the recall. You dig the container out of the recycling (because you recycle, right?) and see it's part of the contaminated batch. And THEN you start feeling sick. Hell, I feel a little nauseated right now myself just writing this! Regardless, you have been warned.

Have you ever gotten sick from eating contaminated food?


Image via Provisions/Flickr

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