Using a Treadmill to Eat Goldfish Crackers Gives New Meaning to 'Playing With Food' (VIDEOS)

foodWe all have to eat to live. That doesn't mean we can't have fun doing it. I mean, why else would cakes exist (see also: fudge)? With home movies easier to make and share than ever before, the way we enjoy our food is changing.

People are eager to share and trade not just baking tips, but hilarious kitchen disasters. They are also keen to showcase just how much fun you can have doing something as simple as eating. Playing with your food isn't just for toddlers anymore! Check out four videos all about having fun with your food!


First up, this video of a kid who has taken eating his afterschool snack to a whole other level. There's running on the treadmill, and then there is making the treadmill work for you. After this video, you'll never look at Goldfish Crackers the same way. This guy's got it down.

We don't know why this guy is so excited, but it's adorable to watch ... and also a little creepy. I mean, I guess if you're really, really hungry, nothing makes you as happy as the long process of unwrapping your food and getting down to meal time. Bon appetit, friend!

Can you think of anything funnier than an excited dog getting down to the business of enjoying his grub? How about an excited dog with human hands getting down to enjoying his grub? I know, I know. I just blew your mind. Check out this hilarious video of two dogs and their perfect table manners:

As adults, sometimes we have to hide the way we feel about certain foods. After all, that's just good manners. But babies? Babies can and will react with zero filter. That's why there are so many photos of baby's first ice cream and baby's first spaghetti. Another first? The sheer hilarity of babies eating lemons for the first time:

Do you have any funny food video favorites?


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