New Easy Way to Make Soup Is Revolutionary & Weird

coffee, keurig, soup, campbellsOh, Keurig. Don't make me fight you. The increasingly popular brand of coffeemaker has made it their job to be the top purveyors of rapid-brew coffee technology. It seems like everyone's got one. Truth, I've been known to drink beverages crafted by their machines. In fact, I'm doing so right now.

Keurig makes some delicious beverages for sure, and its design is ingenious. To enjoy hot tea or coffee or cocoa or even apple cider by just lifting and lowering a latch? That's pretty exciting, space age stuff. I'm a fan of anything that makes me feel like a Jetson. But their newest product partnership has me concerned that they've maybe lost their minds.


They've teamed up with Campbell's. That's right. The soup people. Their plan in theory is an awesome one. The same machine that makes all of your favorite drinks will now be able to make you chicken noodle soup and the like.

While I'm totally in favor of multipurpose kitchen appliances, this one has the potential for disaster. What's a surefire way to ruin a cup of French Roast? A chicken-like aftertaste. By the same token, nobody wants to eat tomato soup that tastes like Earl Grey. The gross-out factor still seems high. But Keurig says with its self-cleaning system this won't be a problem. I wounder if anyone who has made tea after coffee in one would beg to differ. 

Thankfully one thing we won't have to worry about are noodles getting caught in the machinery. The new pod will brew the broth over the waiting freeze-dried noodles and vegetables. I remain curious if slightly skeptical.

Would you make soup in your Keurig?


Image via anthony_p_c/ Flickr

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