Popular Yogurt Pulled From Shelves: What You Need to Know

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Chobani recallHow do you like your Greek yogurt? Maybe with some fresh berries and a little granola? I know how you don't like it: "fizzing." I'm also sure you don't want it to taste "really old" or look as though it's "swelling or bloating" in the cup. Greek yogurt honcho Chobani is in the process of pulling some of its products from supermarket shelves after customers recently complained of all of those above issues. According to the company, a type of mold commonly found in dairy may be to blame.

Is it a complete Chobani recall? No, not quite. The effort is voluntary and preventive, and they are not issuing a formal recall.

Regardless, I know you don't wanna be eating bad yogurt, right? So -- here's everything you need to know about Chobani's yogurt fiasco:

Cups with the code 16-012 and expiration dates between September 11, 2013 and October 7, 2013 are affected. The company isn't revealing what states these items went to or which products are affected, only that the bad batch was made in its Idaho facility and represents less than 5 percent of its total population.

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Sounds minuscule, right? Sure. But still, fans of Chobani's Facebook page are complaining of ailments stemming from the bad batch. One user says her 15-month-old daughter has been consuming Chobani Champion tubes that had that code, and now she has a horrible rash and a few other problems. Another fan revealed she's had stomach pains for three weeks as well as cramps, nausea, and bloating.

I understand that Chobani is doing the best they can to avoid mass hysteria over the quasi-recalled products. However, I think it's the consumer's right to have a little more information about what could happen after ingesting the tainted products and exactly which products were tainted. Customers who have purchased yogurts with the affected codes are encouraged to contact Chobani's customer service team at care@chobani.com to get replacement products.

Are you going to double-check your yogurts?


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JS0512 JS0512

Not going to bother double checking.  Just bought a bunch earlier this week and they will all go in the trash without looking at expiration/codes/etc.

dirty... dirtymoon

I haven't ever really been a big fan of Chobani, i'd rather eat Yoplait, the taste is just 10000% better.

nonmember avatar Laurie

I always check when I open my yogurt to make sure it smells and looks right because my toddler is a yogurt fan. But I've switched to Oikos from Chiobani recently because it's thicker and cheaper so now I'm REALLY glad I made the switch.

DyerM... DyerMaker

Just checked my fridge. Sure enough, that is our stuff. Purchased at a walmart in texas.... blueberry 0 percent.

nonmember avatar Diana

When you open the bad ones, they are watery. Usually Chobani is thick and you have to stir it to see the fruit on the bottom. I got a bad batch from a Target in Tucson.

tramcd tramcd

Not happy! My five year old just finished a whole box of the recalled yogurt.

nonmember avatar patrick

We buy the Chobani flips all of the time. Several of the recent ones have caused a burning feeling on the tongue along with a weird chemical taste. One in the fridge currently looks bloated like a pillow. I've probably thrown out 6 in the last 2 weeks.

nonmember avatar Erin Valentine

This happened to all of my Key Lime Crumbles! The top of the yogurt portion started puffing up and when I attempted to eat them, the taste was extremely sharp and sour; I thought the fault was on my end with my refrigerator or something. I sent them an email, interested to see their response.

Baile... Bailey8307

My kids just had some chobani champions with that code! I freeze them but they looked fine when I gave them to the kids. No illness so far but I will definitely be ditching the rest. Looks like I will be switching back to stoneyfield!

chero... cherokeegoddess

i've never had a problem with chobani. now yoplait on the other hand i have. i had one today and had to throw it away because it was sour and i just bought it saturday. 

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