Bakery That Refused to Serve Lesbian Couple Pays Dearly (VIDEO)

lesbian wedding, sweet cakes by melissaDo you remember the bakery in Oregon that refused to make a wedding cake for a lesbian couple? Yeah, and here I thought bakeries were less about political stances and more about, you know, danish. Not the case at Sweet Cakes by Melissa where the bakers said that to make the cake in question would be in violation of their religious beliefs.

Initially owners Aaron and Melissa Klein stood their ground. Aaron told Fox News, "I don't want to help somebody celebrate a commitment to a life of sin." But as of August 31, they are no longer operating a storefront. So what caused the Kleins to change their minds and close?


Maybe part of the reason is that the couple they denied to serve is now bringing charges against them? Still, the bakery owners have lots of people backing them up -- and they are keeping everyone up to speed with signage and frequent Facebook updates.

Personally, I think we should keep hate out of our food. You would think this would be a common feeling. Not so. Look at how many supporters they have on their Facebook page! Unless this is the only bakery in town, people need to cool it. Like Marie Antoinette before me, I just want everyone to calm down and eat cake.

While it's the owner's prerogative to stick to their guns in this fashion if this is the sort of fight they want, it doesn't seem worth it. After all, any other complaint aside, they are in the service industry. "Service," in this case, being the operative word. Less fighting, less hate, and more dessert -- for everyone!

Are you surprised this bakery has shuttered its doors?


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