8 Restaurants That Serve Only 1 Food (PHOTOS)

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You know you want to go out for dinner, that's the easy part. Now the tough questions -- where do you want to go? What are you in the mood for? And what are you going to pick once you've got a menu in hand? A person can get overwhelmed with options when it comes to going out to eat. There are so many restaurants offering so many different types of food. But if you know where you to look, you can find places that make it their mission to do one thing and do it well.


We've put together a slideshow of some awesome restaurants that do just that. After a long day at the office or with the kids, sometimes it's just easier to let someone else do the picking for you. We are happy to oblige. 

These restaurants make their simple, comfort-food dishes the heart of what they do. Some make nothing but grilled cheese all day. Others focus on chocolates or cake pops. We're getting hungry just thinking about it. So take a look at our slideshow and help us decide what we're having for dinner tonight!


Image via Max Brenner/Twitter

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