Amazingly Generous Mystery Tipper Gives Bar Workers the Gift of a Lifetime

receipt Here's a story that's full of nothing but human kindness and generosity, which unfortunately we don't see often enough. It happened in Utah when a man left a jaw-dropping tip on a bar tab.

And by jaw-dropping, I mean HUGE. The total bill at Brewskis Bar in Ogden came to $214.75. So $50 bucks would have been fine; $200 would have been amazing. This tip didn't even touch those amounts, though. Any guesses as to what he left as a tip?


It was $5,000!

Incredible, right? But it's true, and Scott Scheweke, a reporter for the Orange County Register, even tweeted this picture of the receipt. so you can see for yourself.

The unidentified man's generosity didn't end there either. Later that night, the same man left a $1,000 tip on a $49 tab at another bar called Alleged -- even agreeing to let them run the tip as a separate charge because their payment system couldn't handle such a large tip. Can you imagine the excitement of these employees who got to split those tips?

So who was this Good Samaritan? Was he some high roller trying to show off? Not at all according to reports, rather it was just a simple, but amazing, random act of kindness on his part. He didn't want any credit or accolades for it; he was just doing it to spread around a little generosity.

Jared Allen, owner of Alleged told the Huffing ton Post, "He seemed like just a guy who does well for himself and chose to share it with others."

Tell me that doesn't restore at least a little of your faith in humanity? We've seen so many outrageous stories of diners leaving cruel tips for waitresses and servers insulting customers on receipts, it can make us feel like we're walking into a battleground when we go out to eat. So it's great to see a story like this get some attention to show that it's not always like that.  May this kind man be blessed with wonderful service, short waits, and delicious food for the rest of his days.

What's the most you've ever tipped a server?


Image via @TheChalkOutline/Twitter

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