Restaurant Will Only Serve You If You Pull Up Your Dang Saggy Pants

saggy pantsA little sanity to start your weekend right? Okay, here you go. A New Jersey restaurant refuses to serve saggy-pants customers. Giulio's Pizzeria proudly posts a sign reading "Saggy Pants Prohibited on These Premises!" It's not because they're dealing with a mad rush of saggy-assed customers day in and day out. Actually, the sign came from just one incident when a customer was asked to pull up his pants. The customer replied that there wasn't a sign saying that he had to hoist trou. And so management decided such a sign was in order. Still, that one simple act has the potential to improve so many other customers' dining experience. Can I get an AMEN?


As employee and family member of the restaurant owners puts it, "We’re not asking for much. We are just asking that when you come in, you respect the establishment and the people." That's all. It may seem petty, especially if saggy pants wasn't an epidemic at Giulio's before. But people don't care. That's how strongly the majority of us feel about the sight of a young man in pants slung low enough for us to see his undies. 

If you see the top of someone's boxers at the Post Office... whatever. It's still kind of an intrusion (being exposed to someone's intimates without your permission). But somehow it's worse if you're trying to eat. A lot of us want a certain level of civility when we dine. It's not a very high bar, true. But still. We want some standards. 

Is it boring of me to join on the "no saggy pants" band wagon? Yes. Yes it is. Boring and predictable. But I hate saggy pants and I cannot lie. They do not go well with the chicken.

Would you like it if more restaurants had a no-saggy-pants rule?


Image via victoriapeckham/Flickr

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