Restaurant That Baked Cockroach Into Boy's Pizza Should Have Closed for Good

pizzaHaving lived in two cities renowned for their pizza -- Chicago and NYC -- I've heard of some pretty wild, creative toppings and even "stuffings" before ... but cockroach has never been one of 'em! The creepy bug showed up baked into a 6-year-old boy's pizza crust. The little boy's father had brought the pizza home from a joint in Leeds, U.K. called MunchiesEw, ew, ew!

The family was so grossed out -- can you blame 'em? -- that they spoke up, reporting the incident to not only the restaurant, but to the authorities, who proceeded to investigate the eatery. And warning: what they ended up finding is sure to kill your appetite!


Several cockroaches were seen scurrying inside pans (ahhhh!!), and they also observed years' worth of dirt and grease in the food prep area, as well as bags of moldy kebob meat on the floor, according to Disgusting!

Thankfully, the owner of the revolting spot, Matloob Hussain, landed in court and pleaded guilty to eight related offenses. He was fined $1,174.10 and ordered to pay $1,956.94 in court costs, reported the Daily Mail. And while that sounds all well and good, get this ... Munchies was shut down for a week to be cleaned and "debugged," but it has since reopened. Hussain is not involved in the operation anymore, but still!

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Would YOU eat there after hearing details like the above?! OMG. It sounds like a total horror show played out behind the scenes at this restaurant. I realize that under different ownership and a cleaned-up space, there may be nothing for customers to worry about. But I wouldn't take a chance! There are far too many alternatives to take the chance. After hearing the gory details, I'd think most people would want to eat anywhere but there! 

How about you? If you read something like this about a local restaurant, would you ever be a return customer even if the place had been cleaned up and was operating under new ownership?


Image via British Mum/Flickr

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