10 Ways To Use a Cupcake Pan Besides Making Cupcakes

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  • Freeze Single Servings of Soup


    Image via Rebecca Siegel/Flickr

    This is a great way to get hot, homemade soup in a snap. Just make a big batch, then freeze in muffin trays. Once it's frozen pop the individual servings out and freeze in bags. Then whenever you want soup for one, just heat up a few.


  • Make Individual Hashbrown Cups


    Image via Gina Pina/Flickr

    I made these parmesan hashbrown cups recently, and they were easy (I started with frozen hashbrowns) and delicious. I had my doubts as to if they'd get as crisp as I like, but they definitely did. The whole family loved them.

  • Organize Jewelry


    Image via Lisa Norwood/Flickr

    The individual cups are great for storing earrings, bracelets, and necklaces and for keeping them from becoming one big tangled mess.


  • Make Really Big Ice Cubes


    Image via alisdair/Flickr

    Hot temps call for big ice. Add some food coloring  or flavoring to really spice things up.

  • Make Mini Taco Salad Bowls


    Image via moses preciado/Flickr

    Line the inside of the muffin cups with tortillas and bake until crisp. Then fill with you favorite toppings.

  • Serve Up an Adorable Lunch


    Image via Melissa/Flickr

    Who needs a bento box when you have a muffin tin? The possibilities are endless.

  • Use One as a Planter


    Image via Alice Henneman/Flickr

    Muffin tins make perfect planters for small indoor plants or herbs, and they look adorable sitting on your counter or window sill.

  • Make Mini Pizzas


    Image via Eljay/Flickr

    Perfectly portioned and easy to freeze, mini pizzas are great when made in a cupcake pan. This recipe for deep-dish pizzas is delish

  • Make Individual Ice Cream Servings


    Image via Joy/Flickr

    For parties or large gatherings, scoop ice cream into a cupcake pan filled with liners ahead of time and freeze. Then when it's time to serve, just hand them out.

  • Serve Condiments


    Image via Ms. Phoenix/Flickr

    Be it ketchup, mustard, onions and pickles for burgers, or sour cream, salsa, peppers, and cheese for your Tex-Mex feast, cupcake pans make cute serving dishes for your condiments.

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