Restaurant Insults Customers on Offensive Receipt & When Will the Madness End?

coffee foam heartReaders, I have another tale of restaurant insult woe for you. Gather 'round. It's a doozy -- we had to post the photo of the offending bill below the jump for reasons of F-bombing. It's for your own protection. Anyhoo, our story begins when young, ususpecting student Naomi Bloomer ordered some drinks and a brownie from a coffee bar. When she got her receipt she noticed it included the boldly-worded note: "F***ers all come at once." Think maybe someone was having a bad day at work?


grind coffee bar


Naomi says she complained first to the cashier, who blew her off saying, "yeah, we've been rammed." (That's what she said...) Then Naomi wrote to customer service for the coffee bar three times and still go the brush-off. And you know how that makes people feel. Instead of just dropping it, it make you want to pursue that apology you KNOW is due you to the ends of the Earth, if necessary. Someone must pay! Or at least say sorry. I mean, geez, how hard is it to simply apologize?

Finally, she got the owner of the company, Dave Dickinson (yes, really) to apologize. "We strive for super-friendly antipodean customer service. So we apologize to the one person that didn't experience this." (Antipodean refers to Australia or New Zealand, the latter of which is where the company is headquartered. You learned a new word today!)

This was just silly. I mean, "fuckers" coming into the shop in droves is kind of the whole point of why you go into business, isn't it? You WANT a lot of customers, and you hire people to make sure they're all satisfied when they walk out. What are we supposed to do, coordinate our coffee cravings so as not to overly burden the baristas? Hrm, maybe this is a management/training issue as much as a matter of rudeness.

And after all the bajillion offensive restaurant insults that have been posted on the Internet, why are people still doing that? It never ends well -- some people even get fired that way. But you know it's just going to happen again. In fact, I'm setting my calendar for a week from today and just you wait, I'll have another one of these posts to write.

Why do you think this happens so often?


Image via Rahim Packir Saibo/Flickr

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