8 Yummy Ice Cream Sandwich Recipes to Try Before Summer Ends

Adriana Velez | Aug 12, 2013 Food & Party
8 Yummy Ice Cream Sandwich Recipes to Try Before Summer Ends

brownie ice cream sandwichIs it me, or is there suddenly a lot of creative, scrumptious-looking ice cream sandwiches everywhere? Just last week or so, we spotted the strawberry Pop-Tart ice cream sandwich at Carl's Jr. And then just days after that, we spotted the ice cream donut sandwich, another great breakthrough in ice cream sandwiching. Hello, delicious inventions! It got me thinking -- couldn't I make these at home myself? Once I got started with these two, the ideas just kept flooding in. So here's some ice cream sandwich ideas for you to try. Enjoy!

  • 8 Tasty Ice Cream Sandwich Recipes You MUST Try

  • Cut, Don't Spread


    First of all, a recommendation. Rather than letting the ice cream soften enough for you to spread it over whatever, I recommend slicing hard, frozen ice cream right through the carton with your heaviest serrated knife. Then you can trim the ice cream down to the right size. Wrap the sandwich immediately after you make it and put it right back in the freezer.

  • Pop Tart Ice Cream Sandwich


    Um, yeah, this one is super easy to pull off. I used an organic, less sugary version of the breakfast tart.

  • Donut Ice Cream Sandwich


    ZOMG, right? The donut ice cream sandwich! I think this was almost my favorite. Things got messy with the chocolate donut icing, but that just gave me an excuse to lick my fingers.

  • Cupcake Sandwich


    Maybe don't keep the dollop of frosting on the top.

  • Potato Chip Ice Cream Sandwich


    Remember to use a ruffled potato chip for this wee snack. I think an unflavored chip works best with any combination of ice cream -- especially something with chocolate and caramel.

  • Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream Sandwich


    I love peanut butter cup ice cream, but I never feel like there's enough peanut butter cup in it. Know what I mean? Problem solved! This one was a little messy for me, but you get the idea.

  • Pretzel Ice Cream Sandwich


    I liked the idea of pretzel with ice cream -- but it seemed like it would be tricky to pull off. Until I found these Pretzel Crisps -- just right, thanks to their flat shape. This is another one that would probably be amazing with chocolate and caramel.

  • Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich


    I liked the idea of a waffle ice cream sandwich, but it seemed like something that could get potentially soggy. So I used stroopwafel cookies instead. Perfect!

  • Brownie Ice Cream Sandwich


    THIS was my favorite! Slice the brownie in half crosswise rather than using two brownies -- unless you can open your mouth especially wide.

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