5 Cool Things You Can Do With Peanut Butter Besides Eat It (PHOTOS)

peanut butterWhen it comes to foods, peanut butter is among the best. It's a delicious, protein-packed powerhouse that goes well with bananas, jelly, and chocolate (oh yes, chocolate!) to name a few ... besides straight out of the jar with a spoon.

Its shelf life is impressive, and it's relatively inexpensive. Besides the fact that it's addictive, it's pretty much a perfect food and then some. But as much as we love to eat it, there are ways you can use it that you probably never dreamed of. Read on for five ways you can use peanut butter that will blow your mind.

What are your favorite ways to use peanut butter?


Image via Denise Krebs/Flickr

  • For Shaving


    Image via scott feldstein/Flickr

    I know it sounds weird, but there are actually lots of oils and moisturizing proprieties in peanut butter. So slather it on your face, legs, or wherever you want to get rid of unwanted hair and shave away.

  • Fix a Scratched CD


    Image via Creativity103/Flickr

    Just rub a little on the scratch then wipe off with a dry, soft cloth. No more skips!

  • Banish Fish Odors


    Image via Gloria Cabada-Leman/Flickr

    Love fried fish, but hate the lingering smell it leaves? Peanut butter to the rescue! Just fry a little peanut butter in the same pan you used for the fish, and your nose will thank you.

  • To Eliminate Ants


    Image via Sancho McCann/Flickr

    You can make homemade ant bait to lure and trap ants. Check out these recipes for how-to.

  • Remove Gum From Hair


    Image via Randen Peterson/Flickr

    It seems counterintuitive to put something sticky in your hair to get something sticky out, but it works. Just rub it into dry hair where the gum is stuck, and watch the gum come out.

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