Amy's Baking Co. Finds a Way to Make Us Pay for a Piece of Their Drama

i survived amy's baking companyIf you can't travel all the way to Arizona to dine at the notorious Amy's Baking Company, here is the next best thing. Amy's Baking Company t-shirts and hats. Seriously -- the restaurant featured in the season finale of Kitchen Nightmares, the restaurant Gordon Ramsay walked out on, is selling gear emblazoned with some of their most damning lines. "I'm the gangster!" "I speak feline -- MEOW!" And my favorite, "Here's your pizza, go f**k yourself!" (I don't know, there just a nice rhythm to that phrase...) The whole hellish line is for sale on the Amy's Baking Company website.


I suppose you could say they're just trying to cash in on their notoriety, but please. First of all, these t-shirts are not going to make the Bouzaglos a fortune. It's not a Pepsi endorsement deal -- they're just, you know, shirts. Really, I think the merch is just to prove Amy and Samy can laugh at themselves. I mean, after a fiasco like Kitchen Nightmares, you might as well embrace the hate. Know what I mean? 

But I have one quibble: How many people can really claim the right to wear the "I survived Amy's Baking Company" t-shirt? I think you'd have to either eaten there or worked there to earn those bragging rights. Oh yeah, I guess if you've been thrown out of the restaurant by Samy that counts, too.

I wonder how locals will respond. Will the haters buy the t-shirts and wear them ironically? Will the Bouzaglos' customers wear them out of loyalty? Personally, I think they should look into temporary tattoos.

What do you think of the Amy's Baking Company t-shirts?


Image via Amy's Baking Company


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