Ice Cream Donut Sandwiches Could Kill You, But at Least You'll Die Happy

ice cream donut sandwichDonuts have starred in some unlikely pairings ... They've been merged with croissants to create the cronut, and they've been used as bread in a breakfast sandwich. Now comes the one I am most excited about BY FAR: The ice cream donut sandwich. OMG.

Available exclusively (for now!) at Firecakes Donuts on Chicago's Near North Side, the sandwiches are exactly what they sound like -- a glazed donut stuffed with either homemade vanilla or espresso ice cream. The donut shop has been serving them for just $4 apiece since July 20, according to Chicagoist. What's more, you can get your fix until midnight (except for Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday).

Why did I not know about this when I was in the Windy City recently?! Also, why hasn't this been an ice cream parlor staple FOR YEARS?


Ahhh, but Firecakes isn't the only place tempting us with this unfathomably delicious treat. Similar concoctions are popping up in places like DC and NYC, where various bakeries have apparently been serving 'em for yeeears.

To be fair, it sounds so gluttonous and must have so much flippin' sugar that it could probably put the healthiest person on the planet into a diabetic shock, so it's probably best that it's not THAT readily available.

But if it were to be quite a bit more available and take off in a hot new dessert trend that rivals red velvet cupcakes and cake pops and macarons, I wouldn't be surprised. The donut ice cream sandwich has something going for it that the cronut and donut breakfast sandwich never had ... It just makes sense. And makes the mouth water just writing those words. Oof, watch out, America ... we are in trouble!

Would you try an ice cream donut sandwich? What would your ultimate donut indulgence look like?


Image via Chris Burgh/Flickr

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