Man’s Sandwich From Airport Restaurant Starts Moving & He Finds a Horrible Surprise Inside (VIDEO)

maggot sandwichHello everyone, I'm about to share with you an incredibly gross story. I'm warning you upfront, just so you're prepared. All right? Here goes. A man named Joel Woloshuk bought himself a focaccia sandwich at an airport and was just about to dig in when he noticed something curious: The parmesean was moving. "I'm looking at what I thought was parmesan, right? And the parmesan began to move," Woloshuk said. (Kind of gives new meaning to Who Moved My Cheese, right?) This was a troubling development, so he bravely decided to investigate. After some poking and prodding, he discovered what is perhaps one of the worst things you can ever find in your food. His sandwich was full of maggots.


The! Horror! There they were, the little grubs, squirming amidst the cheese and tomato. Somehow, maybe because he was on an airplane by this time, Woloshuk refrained from screaming and flinging the sandwich away (like I would have). Instead, he took video of the sandwich in action. And he kept that sandwich through his entire flight from Atlanta to Miami. And back to Atlanta.

When Woloshuk brought the sandwich back to the airport cafe where he bought it, he got the brush-off. News reporter Amy Napier Viteri called the president of the company that runs the cafe, and he told her the maggots couldn't possibly have originated at his shop -- he blamed it on the vendor who supplies their bread. A followup inspection showed that the cafe was clean enough, and the cafe says they have removed every last crumb from that bakery and will never buy bread from them ever again.

Okay, so that's a relief. But I still think they should take a little more responsibility for the incident. Didn't anyone notice anything when they were building that sandwich? Shouldn't someone from the cafe be doing some sort of quality control of everything that comes into their kitchen before they send it out to diners? As a human who occasionally eats food made by other people, that is something I would like restaurants to do. YOU KNOW?

Because if they chose to do business with that bakery, they may be doing business with other, equally lousy suppliers. This should bring about a little due diligence. Maybe they should be looking closer at everything that comes into their kitchen and training their employees to pull anything that looks a bit funky. Then I think they'd be a more trustworthy place to get some pre-flight lunch.

What would you do if you found maggots in your sandwich?


Image via Atlanta Journal Constitution

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