What Your Favorite Sandwich Says About You

banh mi sandwichYou think you know yourself, but do you? Really? Maybe it's time to do a little soul-searching -- through your favorite sandwich. Because I know you don't like just any kind of sandwich. Think PB and J will do for just anyone? Think everyone loves liverwurst as much as you do? Think everyone has the same deep and abiding passion for Dijon mustard that you do? Hell no! We all have strong opinions about sandwiches, and those opinions are telling. Here's what your favorite sandwich says about you.


BLT: You want it both ways. You want to live dangerously and eat bacon and skydive. But you also want to play it safe, eat lettuce, and have health insurance. Thank goodness for that tomato, keeping your dangerous side balanced with your safe side. Did you know that tomatoes symbolize balance? I just made that up, but let's just pretend it's true.

Grilled Cheese: You're all about comfort. You avoid taking risks at all costs. You're happy just to come home night after night, put on your fuzzy slippers, and watch TV on your giant, fluffy couch with your cats. I understand. Life is scary sometimes.

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Reuben: Holy heart-attack sandwich! That thing is loaded with sodium. You obviously have a death wish. Can I have a bite?

Cubano: You think you're exotic and exciting, but actually you're just a ham and cheese sandwich with extra pork and pickles. You come off as impressive at first, and then people get to know you and ultimately they're kind of disappointed.

Peanut Butter and Jelly: You miss your childhood. You crave nostalgia. You collect 1980s lunchboxes and you wear vintage aprons in the kitchen. You sing along with those Sesame Street videos.

Banh Mi: You are truly exciting and fun. You've got a tart tongue, a meaty soul, a virtuous heart, and you're HOT. Sure, you're a little flaky. And yeah, that combination of ingredients should not make sense at all. People can't figure you out! And yet, you're irresistible.

What's your favorite sandwich?


Image via Karen Neoh/Flickr

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