Restaurant Banning Little Kids After 7 P.M. Has the Right Idea (VIDEO)

la fisheria houston It's not a mortgage or a car payment, but eating out at a nice restaurant is an investment -- in the food and a relaxing experience, which entails not having to worry about doing the dishes. Or loud, screaming, running kids. Still, it's rare to find a restaurant where you'll be guaranteed to be free of the latter. Unless you're dining at one Houston, Texas restaurant called La Fisheria, which recently announced that patrons must be over 8 years old after 7 p.m. 

After receiving a number of complaints from regular customers, Mexican reality TV star and executive chef Aquiles Chavez said he had to make the "tough" conclusion to enforce the rule. He explains, "We find children that are crying, some kids running under tables, and our customers don’t like [it]. Seven o’clock is not a time for children, especially when we serve drinks and wine."

Tonight is the first night the policy will be enforced, and of course, there's already been backlash against it.


Those who oppose the policy believe families should be allowed to eat together. Womp womp. It's not like the restaurant is discouraging that on the whole. They're just saying that after a certain, appropriate time, younger kids aren't allowed in a fine dining atmosphere that's attempting to cater to an adult crowd. What's the big deal?

Really, I don't see how this is any different than a couple saying "no kids allowed" at their late Saturday night black tie wedding or a bar enforcing an age restriction. Time and place, people. There are many family-friendly or kid-centric spots where parents know they can bring their little ones and enjoy together time. So La Fisheria is just trying to offer the flipside of that -- a place where adults are able to go and have a peaceful, relaxing dinner without having to worry about bored, tired kids throwing a temper tantrum at the booth behind theirs. 

Thankfully, the restaurant is getting a lot of support for the controversial decision, as well. Chavez said that even some people initially opposed to the idea warmed up to it. He told local news station KHOU, "When we explain, they say you’re right, at the end of the day, you’re thinking of us." True! I wish even more restaurants would do the same!

What do you think about this policy?



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