6 Foods You Never Knew You Could Grill -- But Should

grilled pizzaWe're into August now, and you've probably grilled the usual: Steaks, chicken, hot dogs, burgers, ribs, corn. Are you ready to try grilling something new? Something that will surprise your whole family? I've got a few exciting ideas for you. Grilling brings out the best in a lot of different foods, transforming them into something sweeter, smokier, and more succulent than you've ever had them. Check out these six fun grilling ideas.


6 surprising foods you can grill1. Fruit. One of my favorite things to grill is fruit, especially peaches. Avoid super ripe fruit since that'll just make a mess. Cut the peaches in half and maybe brush with a little butter. Nectarines, mangoes, papaya, bananas, lemons, limes -- you can try all kinds of fruit. Grilling brings out the sugars and makes them taste delicious.

2. Eggplant. I've been doing this a lot this summer -- grilling eggplants. I slice them in half, lengthwise, and brush them with olive oil. When they're good and mushy, I'll either mix with tahini and lemon juice for babaganosh or I'll just eat it right away because it's irresistible.

3. Pizza. This is another family favorite. You can just roll out your pizza dough and put it right on the grill. Cook it until it's pretty firm, then flip, add sauce and toppings, and keep grilling until it's all bubbling and melted.

4. Cobbler. Good enough for a cookout, so why not your grill? Here's a grilled summer fruit cobbler recipe.

5. Cheese. Try thick slices of provolone or halloumi. These cheese aren't going to melt into a puddle and fall through the grill -- they'll just get soft and smoky.

6. Shellfish. You've probably had grilled shrimp. But have you ever tried grilled lobster, clams, or mussels? Here's how to grill shellfish

Bonus: My new obsession is to scrape the filling out of Oreo-type cookies (Joe Joe's from Trader Joe's, actually), spread on some chocolate hazelnut butter (like Nutella), add some mini marshmallows, wrap in foil, and grill for the best s'mores ever.

Have you ever grilled anything surprising?


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