Restaurant Customer Known for Eating Without Paying Gets What He Deserves on Facebook

Dine and dash just isn't what it used to be! These days, the power of social media can be harnessed to shame your ass into paying your bill! That's what one restaurant is attempting by publishing a photo of a guy on their Facebook page who they say dined and dashed in their establishment. Brewer's Cabinet brewpub in Reno, Nevada posted a photo of the guy (which a waiter managed to snap) and wrote on their Facebook page:

ATTN RENO: If you know, or see, this dude, please call RENO POLICE DEPT at 334-2121 immediately, and then remind him that his tab at The Brewer's Cabinet is still waiting to be paid. And, while you're at it, you could tell him that visiting restaurants/bars with your friends, running up a huge bill, roughing up servers and then bailing is pretty uncool ... pathetic, really. Get a life, man.

Yikes, and it turns out this wasn't the only restaurant the "dude" had stiffed!


At least three other establishments reportedly confirmed that the dasher, named Saul Zelaznog, had run out on his check there too. Bartenders say that Zelaznog's modus operandi includes running up a tab, then claiming he doesn't have his wallet, dashing, and never coming back to pay up!

A manager at Campo, another place Zelaznog apparently stiffed, says:

Ya know, it's really unfortunate that we put faith in people and they don't always pull through and it makes it harder for us to trust everyone else.

Sheesh, no wonder so many places now ask for a credit card upfront!

But the alleged dasher denies the claims, telling the Reno Gazette Journal that he simply forgot a "method of payment" at one establishment but was going to be back to pay later. Err, guess he forgot that too? Considering they called the cops. And when he forgot his method of paying at yet another place -- gee, this happens to him a lot -- he left a "nice watch" as collateral. Dude, no one wants your watch.

He also says he is asking his family to wire him money to pay off his restaurant debt. Bet they're overjoyed.

Meanwhile, Mr. Forgot My Wallet was arrested yesterday for a probation violation and put in the clink.

Well, at least he'll get free meals in jail.

Have you ever had anyone dine and dash on you?

Image via JoeShlabotnik/Flickr

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