50,000 Pounds of Ground Beef Recalled for E. Coli: We Have All the Details

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hamburgerI never thought I'd say this, but veggie burgers are starting to sound good. National Beef Company in Kansas is voluntarily recalling 50,000 pounds of beef due to possible e. coli contamination. A strain of the bacteria was found in a 10-pound bag of ground beef. No illnesses have been reported. "We are working closely with authorities to investigate this matter and are contacting our customers who have purchased this product," National Beef says on its website.

The bacteria can cause bloody diarrhea, dehydration, and kidney failure, so we need to take this  seriously. The ground beef was sent throughout the country, so everyone should be checking their beef. It's sold under the brand names "NatureSource," "NatureWell," and "National Beef." 

Here is a full list of affected products. Look for establishment number "EST.208A" inside the inspection stamp. Beef products were produced July 18 with a use by/freeze by date of August 7 and shipped to retailers, wholesalers, and food service distributors nationwide.

This is why I buy my meat from small, local farmers whenever I can. If you've ever looked into how the vast majority of our beef is produced, it's amazing there aren't more cases of contamination. But if you don't have that option, at least protect yourself by cooking your meat thoroughly, to an internal temperature of 160 degrees for ground beef.

The other day a friend tweeted a photo of his veggie burger, made with quinoa and white beans topped with poblano pepper and melted cheddar -- and I had to admit, it actually sounded pretty good (I know, quinoa can post an ethical problem of its own). With veggie burgers getting less gross, I'm starting to think maybe I should be more open-minded and less disdainful about them.

How safe do you feel most ground beef is?


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pandj... pandjmom4ever

I have had some AMAZING veggie burgers. I think it's all in the seasoning and toppings. :)

Queen... Queen.of.Random

All the products recalled were 10 lb packages. Hopefully no one gets sick from restaraunts or anyone else that would buy 10 lbs of ground beef.

Heather Phillips Paul

Most of us will eat ground beef all of our lives, several times a week or more, and never get  sick from it. I also prefer to buy from local farmers, but at the moment don't have a freezer so to the supermarket I go. ALWAYS cook your ground beef to a safe temp...and then a bit longer!

nonmember avatar Mark Krapohl

Classic example of a new article giving an internal temperature that is higher then the actual needed temp. All you need to cook it to is 155.

Celeste Cline

All my meat is cooked until there is absolutely no red showing. When we order at restaurants, my hubby & son get well-done; I get extra well-done.  No chance of us getting sick from undercooked meat.

Chrissy Lindsley

hmm most of these producers add pink slime ( banned in Europe) which supposedly prevents e coli ! Hmmm does not seem to be workingh too well


Jean West

Ok here's the problem....I bought two 10 lb. packages and split them up in smaller packages. So how do I possibly get a refund? I can't find my receipt either

lizzi... lizzielu9

Celeste Cline, please tell me you don't order steaks that way?! Ugh what a waste.

Liane... Lianetherider

Thankfully we were able to purchase half of a cow earlier this year, so all of our ground beef is safe. That said, if I had some of the beef, I would just cook it thoroughly and probably not worry too much about it. Most people have strains of various potentially harmful bacteria living in their gut and are never affected by it. You just have to practice proper food prep safety.

MamaD... MamaDV1012

I don't eat raw beef so this isn't a problem.  Did you know that cooking beef kills E. coli?  So exactly how is this an issue? 

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