Restaurant Worker Fired for Publicly Tip-Shaming Customer

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tipsHow many people here agree: Tipping is still voluntary. Right? I mean, most of us feel like we should tip, and most of us do tip. But we also know that if we fail to tip (for whatever reason), we shouldn't be run out of town by a posse of vigilante waiters. And we shouldn't get yelled at by a restaurant worker. But what about getting called out for failing to tip via Twitter? Brendan O'Connor was fired for tip-shaming via Twitter at Milk Truck, a popular food truck.

Um, yeah -- did I mention this was a food truck, not even a restaurant?

But it's a little more complicated than that. O'Connor didn't call out customers for failing to tip on a $5 sandwich. He called out an investment bank for failing to tip on a $170 order. Hmm, suddenly I'm feeling a little defensive of O'Connor.

brendan o'connor

I mean, we all kind of love to hate investment banks these days. And that's a big order. I don't blame O'Connor for being peeved that they didn't tip. But still ... it wasn't a smart move. Glass, Lewis & Co. complained to Milk Truck, and Milk Truck had to apologize for the slight. Sure, they could have taken a bold stand and defended their employee against the mean bankers who won't tip -- but these are business owners. They kind of want to stay in business, especially if it means more of those huge orders.

Except ... then O'Connor wrote an angry blog post about the incident, and now the young, hipster customers that helped make Milk Truck successful enough to catch the attention of the investment bankers in the first place are angry with the food truck. So firing O'Connor sort of backfired.

All this over some tips at a food truck? It's all starting to make everyone look petty, the bankers, Milk Truck, and yes, O'Connor. I'm sorry, but calling out a bunch of investment bankers for not tipping at a food truck -- AND THEN getting all outraged when you're (surprise, surprise) fired for doing that -- is such an entitled, millennial white guy thing to do. He put Milk Truck in an awkward position. And anyway, is this where we're headed? What's next, we're going to start Instagramming photos of customers who fail to tip? Great.

Do you think a restaurant employee should get fired for tip-shaming customers via Twitter?


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youth... youthfulsoul

We have a food truck that comes to our office daily. Never occured to me to tip them. And there is no tip cup out either.

But you can bet other businesses wont be placing large orders with Milk Truck now either. 

nonmember avatar Brianna

What an idiot!

March... MarchmommaKC

Please explain to me why you felt the need to add "white guy" to your entitled, millenial...thing to do.  I'm pretty sure we've seen MANY stories lately of other races stiffing/yelling at/getting police called on circumstances at public eateries.  I'm pretty disgusted by YOUR racism....

March... MarchmommaKC

While I don't deny that white people can exhibit this behavior as well - I don't deny that at all. And this guy sounds like a tool.  But honestly, what does his race have to do with this??

Shahayla Shahayla

Uh yeah tipping should be required, idk about a food truck but in a restraunt yes. It really shouldn't be "voluntary". Servers make a little less than 3/hour. We LIVE off tips. So for us to waste our services and time on a customer that may occupy one of our tables for an hour or more then not get tipped is crappy. That's like a customer saying " you're so beneath me that you're working for me for free."

nonmember avatar FarmersWife

Unless I'm being waited on a rarely tip. Especially if I just spent a lot, I feel like they've made enough off me!

Taisie Taisie

"such an entitled, millennial white guy thing to do" Seriously? you WENT there? My man and I are "white" and you can rest assured neither of us EVER acts in an entitled manner! Shame on you for spreading racism, bigotry, and prejudice around! I see that here at the stir a lot lately, and it is unacceptable!

I have news for you, assholes come in every income bracket, religion, sexual preference, size, shape, gender, color, race and flavor, and you are apparently one of them!

nonmember avatar Samantha

FarmersWife.. you do know that your bill goes to the restaurant and your tip goes to the server right? Just because the restaurant made $50 doesn't mean the waitress got more than an hourly wage which is much lower than the cost of living. If you can't afford to tip, eat in your kitchen.

laris... larissalarie

Yes he should have been fired, he acted in an extremely unprofessional manner.

As much as it sucks to not be tipped, you're still the professional and they're the customer.

truth... truthrowan

He's making an hourly wage, then tips aren't necessary, though big orders are a BIG pain in the posterior, and the customer should realize that, and show some gratitude. It's not like all the other work disappears when a big order comes in, it means you have all your other work and this other massive thing. I feel sorry for the owners, and for the regular customers. The bank can suck eggs.

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