Restaurant Worker Fired for Publicly Tip-Shaming Customer

tipsHow many people here agree: Tipping is still voluntary. Right? I mean, most of us feel like we should tip, and most of us do tip. But we also know that if we fail to tip (for whatever reason), we shouldn't be run out of town by a posse of vigilante waiters. And we shouldn't get yelled at by a restaurant worker. But what about getting called out for failing to tip via Twitter? Brendan O'Connor was fired for tip-shaming via Twitter at Milk Truck, a popular food truck.

Um, yeah -- did I mention this was a food truck, not even a restaurant?


But it's a little more complicated than that. O'Connor didn't call out customers for failing to tip on a $5 sandwich. He called out an investment bank for failing to tip on a $170 order. Hmm, suddenly I'm feeling a little defensive of O'Connor.

brendan o'connor

I mean, we all kind of love to hate investment banks these days. And that's a big order. I don't blame O'Connor for being peeved that they didn't tip. But still ... it wasn't a smart move. Glass, Lewis & Co. complained to Milk Truck, and Milk Truck had to apologize for the slight. Sure, they could have taken a bold stand and defended their employee against the mean bankers who won't tip -- but these are business owners. They kind of want to stay in business, especially if it means more of those huge orders.

Except ... then O'Connor wrote an angry blog post about the incident, and now the young, hipster customers that helped make Milk Truck successful enough to catch the attention of the investment bankers in the first place are angry with the food truck. So firing O'Connor sort of backfired.

All this over some tips at a food truck? It's all starting to make everyone look petty, the bankers, Milk Truck, and yes, O'Connor. I'm sorry, but calling out a bunch of investment bankers for not tipping at a food truck -- AND THEN getting all outraged when you're (surprise, surprise) fired for doing that -- is such an entitled, millennial white guy thing to do. He put Milk Truck in an awkward position. And anyway, is this where we're headed? What's next, we're going to start Instagramming photos of customers who fail to tip? Great.

Do you think a restaurant employee should get fired for tip-shaming customers via Twitter?


Image via Aaron Stidwell/Flickr

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