Gorgeous Strawberry Cake Pops Recipe Will Trick People Into Thinking You're a Pro

strawberry cake pops
If you're looking for a very special treat to bring to a summer party, look no further than this adorable Strawberry Cake Pops recipe from Sisters' Sweet Tooth, adapted from Bakerella. Don't they look like something you'd see in a fancy bakery? They're just so precise and sweet. I know, I know -- you're a little bit intimidated to try a recipe like this. I am too, but after hearing how seemingly simple they are to put them together, I figure they're the perfect dessert to get us out of our comfort zones and try something exciting and new.


Strawberry Cake Pops Recipe

1 cake mix, your choice of flavor
1 tub of frosting that pairs well with the cake flavor
1 bag of green candy melts (or enough white chocolate with green food coloring to make the green tops)
1 bag of red candy melts
2 microwave-safe bowls
48 paper lollipop sticks
White sugar pearls
Styrofoam block
Large squeeze bottle or plastic bag
Wax paper
Baking sheet
Green Sour Punch Straws (optional)


Choose 1 box of cake mix and 1 tub of frosting to your liking. Bake the cake as directed and let cool completely. With a fork, gently crumble entire cake into fine crumbs. Mix tub of frosting in with cake thoroughly until it can be easily molded.

With your hands, mold cake balls into the shape of strawberries. Place on wax paper on a baking sheet and cover with plastic wrap. Place in refrigerator until they are firm enough to dip.

Melt green candy melts, or melt white chocolate and add green food coloring. (Do not add food coloring to candy melts! It does not work.) Pour into a squeeze bottle or plastic bag. If you use a plastic bag, snip a very small portion of the corner to squeeze the chocolate through. Squeeze flower shapes onto wax paper and place in fridge until hardened.

When you are ready to dip, melt red candy melts in a tall, skinny bowl. Get white sugar pearls ready to grab. Get a lollipop stick and dip about an inch of it into the candy melts, then stick it into the bottom of a cake ball.

Dip the cake ball down into the candy melt and pull it back up quickly or the cake ball might fall off the stick. Very gently tap the wrist of the hand holding the stick to remove excess chocolate white turning the cake ball slowly. This way the chocolate will coat the cake ball evenly. Use your finger to wipe off the chocolate at the base of the cake ball as you spin it around.

Before it dries, stick the sugar pearls in the chocolate as you continue to slowly turn the cake ball to make it look like a strawberry. Stick the cake ball in a Styrofoam block to dry completely. Any excess chocolate can just drip off onto the block.

Using a small dab of the red candy melt, stick the green tops onto the cake pops and let dry.


Image via Jamiesrabbits/Flickr

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