Taylor Swift's Tip to Restaurant Workers Shows Just What Kind of Woman She Is

Taylor SwiftStuff it, Taylor Swift haters. Taylor Swift is da bomb! At least when it comes to how she treats restaurant workers. Chances are none of them will be writing a breakup tune about her, but they might be singing Taylor Swift songs for the next decade, given her classiness and generosity. When Taylor and some tour mates stopped into an Italian joint late-night after a show, she left some very tasty treats in her wake.


Taylor and tour mates Ed Sheeran and Austin Mahone reportedly stopped into Ralph's Italian Restaurant in Philadelphia. When the head chef heard that Tay was in da houze, he was so excited because his son, who has autism, is a big fan. So is his mom.

In fact, the chef says that his mom, who takes care of his son while he's working, was so stoked to hear that Taylor was about to taste some of her son's pasta (I assume she went for pasta!) that she asked her son to snap a photo.

Not only did Taylor pose for pics with chef Shawn Gallo and some other servers, but after hearing about Shawn's son, she gifted him with two tickets to her concert! Says Shawn:

It was so kind-hearted of her. My son Shawnee is 11. It was my son's and [my] first concert we've ever been to! It was really special.

Not only that, Taylor reportedly left a $500 tip for staff. Hey, this girl paid cash for a mansion in Rhode Island for the summer. She can certainly afford it. But not every celeb is so generous.

Have you ever given or received an enormous tip?


Image via jazills/Flickr

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