8 Miraculous Things You Can Do With Mayonnaise

mayonnaiseWhen it comes to guilty pleasures, mayonnaise is at the top of my list. Its creamy, tangy goodness adds so much to sandwiches that I would never eat one without it. "Hold the mayo" are not words you'll ever hear uttered from my lips. I love it so much that I often make it through an extra mile on my run by telling myself it's a little extra sweat or that crappy fat-free stuff.

It's not just sandwiches that can benefit from this amazing food either. There are a host of great ways you can use mayonnaise -- even if you don't want to eat it. Here are eight ways to use mayonnaise you may have never considered.


1. Condition your hair with it

For soft, shiny hair, take about a cup of mayo and slather it on your hair. Leave it in for about 15 minutes, then shampoo it out.

2. Clean your plants

If your plants are looking a little dull and dingy, you can make those leaves shiny and bright with a little mayonnaise. Here's a great how-to from Apartment Therapy.

3. Remove crayon marks

Kids get a little creative on the walls? Mayo to the rescue. Just spread a little on the marks, let it sit a few minutes, then wipe clean.

4. Make a mayo face mask

Dry skin can get a real boost of moisture from mayo, and the vinegar in it removes dead skin cells. Simply wash your face, apply mayo, and let it sit for 15-20 minutes. Rub into skin before washing it off it with warm water.

5. Dip French fries in it

This makes some people gag, but it's oh so much better than ketchup. If you want to be fancy, you can call it aioli.

6. Treat a sunburn

Some swear that applying mayo after getting too much sun provides some relief.

7. Get moist chicken

Dredging chicken breasts in mayo before coating it in breadcrumbs makes from some delicious baked chicken. This recipe for parmesan crusted chicken is fantastic.

8. Flavor it

It's such a great base that can be seasoned in a variety of ways. I love this chipotle mayonnaise recipe to spice things up a bit.

How do you use mayonnaise?


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