Little Vegetarian's Confusion Over Meat Eaters Isn't as Adorable as It Looks (VIDEO)

little evie vegetarian chickensAn adorable little "vegetarian" named Evie is getting a lot of buzz around the web today for appearing in a video talking with a woman off-screen who we can only guess is her mother about chickens. Evie can't wrap her head around the idea of a person eating a whole entire LIVE chicken, so Mom explains that the chicken is actually dead. "Wait, did you say dead chickens? Do you mean killing chickens? Whoa." Yup, Mom explains, "some people" kill chickens, cut them up, and cook them as FOOD. Little Evie doesn't get it, and Mom admits with a chuckle that neither does she! Silly, bizarre meat-eaters!

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The reaction to this so far has been basically, "Awww, how cute is this little vegetarian who wants to say hi to a chicken instead of eat it?!" But I couldn't be more annoyed. Evie appears to be naive in the ways of meat-eating only by fault of how she's being brought up -- by someone who is obviously a devout vegetarian or vegan. To each their own, but I don't see a little girl who has independently come to the conclusion that she doesn't like meat or want to eat it for ethical reasons. She doesn't get it, because she's never been exposed to it.

Further, why does Mom have to be so self-righteous about it? Indoctrinating her daughter, spinning meat-eating as some shocking, disgusting practice "some people" engage in? She might as well tell her daughter that meat-eaters are malicious zombies. Ugh.

Don't get me wrong. Choosing vegetarianism or veganism is awesome. I'm all about people choosing the diet that works best for them (preferably as an adult after being exposed to different diets and deciding what works best for you mentally, physically, emotionally, etc.). But to exploit an child's innocent reaction to push your soapbox agenda? Now that's foul. 

What's your reaction to this video?


Image via DiaryThePlay/YouTube

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