10 Salads That Skip the Lettuce but Are So Good You Won’t Miss It

golden beet saladIs it just me, or does lettuce go bad quicker than any other vegetable in my crisping drawer? I'm serious! I feel like every time I think about going to make a fantastic salad, I go to the fridge and pull out all the ingredients only to find a slightly brown bag of mixed greens. So what's a salad lover to do? Welp, I've started making them sans lettuce. And let me tell you something -- I'm obsessed! 

From my experience, my lettuce-less salads taste all-around more fresh, the leftovers last longer, and man do they feel summertastic. Come on, join in the fun and check out these 10 perfect summer salads, lettuce need not apply:


1. Easy grilled corn salad with blue cheese and basil ribbons: Hello perfection. If you don't have access to a grill, simply microwaving or boiling the corn is totally fine.

2. Watermelon and jicima salad: The sweet flavor of watermelon balances perfectly with the crispy jicama crunch. I served this alongside steak last week and it was delicious!

3. Shaved fennel, dill, and cucumber salad: With loads of citrus and dill, this light salad is a fantastic side dish.

4. Broccoli and ramen noodle salad: My mom's been making this for as long as I can remember and it is seriously addicting. If you can resist having a second helping, I'd be surprised.

5. Avocado-lime black bean salad: A great side dish for a Mexican-themed dinner.

6. Greek salad: Made with lemon juice instead of vinegar, this particular Greek salad is a fun twist on a classic.

7. White bean salad with zucchini and Parmesan: So simple even the kids could help!

8. Shaved Brussels sprouts salad with fresh walnuts and pecorino: Only recently have I discovered the shaved Brussels sprouts salad, but I literally feel like they're on every menu this summer. This delicate slaw is perfect alongside fish or poultry.

9. Summer salad: This has been a staple in my kitchen since last summer after I bought one-too-many peaches. With peach, tomato, feta, apple cider vinegar, and red onion -- it's the perfect blend of citrus and salt.

10. Golden beet salad: The combination of fresh green beans, beets, and goat cheese will have your mouth watering!

Do you have a favorite summer salad?


Image via thebittenword.com/Flickr

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