5 Outrageous Ice Cream Truck Stories That Are Almost Too Crazy to Believe

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ice cream truckShh, listen a moment. Do you hear that? It's the sound of thousands and thousands of ice cream trucks delivering icy sweetness to children and grownups all over the country. Their songs may differ, but that soft-serve cone tastes exactly the same every damn time, doesn't it?

Summertime, and ice cream truck season well underway. But that truck o' fun isn't always so innocent, not to everyone. Sometimes the Good Humor man delivers a serving of overheated insanity. Here's a few of our favorite crazy ice cream truck news stories. What is it, people -- the heat, or the sugar?

No more ice cream truck tunes: Can you believe the Long Beach, California city council wants to ban ice cream truck music? How are you supposed to know it's around if you're indoors, where the air conditioning is, without that music? What a bunch of cranks.

Ban the ice cream carts, too: Last summer one New York mom's demand to ban ice cream carts from playgrounds went viral. So you see, there are icy Grinches on both sides of the coast. WTF, people? Would these people be nicer if someone just bought them a popsicle?

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Ice cream wars: Another golden oldie from last year -- remember when two rival ice cream trucks fought it out on the street? Well, their drivers fought it out, but the trucks suffered all the damage. You guys, you're supposed to deliver joy, not strife.

Ice cream bait-and-switch: One prankster outfitted an ice cream truck with healthy food. Actually, that would have made me happy because I prefer cucumbers to soft-serve, but I'm a weirdo. Ooh, I bet the mom who wants to ban ice cream carts would have loved the truck, too. But most people tricked by the veggie truck were understandably pissed.

Ice Cream Truck-Jacking: An ice cream truck was carjacked in Washington, D.C. The mugger threatened the two people inside with a handgun and ran off with money and cellphones. It was 10:30 at night, so at least this didn't happen in broad daylight when there would have been more kids around. But this guy definitely wins for the biggest ice cream truck spoiler of them all.

Keep cool out there, everyone. I know it's hot out there. But remember, it's just ice cream.

How do you feel about ice cream trucks?


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CrazyAZ CrazyAZ

I think they are fun but my budget doesn't allow it do it's good opportunity to show my kids the value of a dollar. If they want ice cream that badly we can get one for half the price at the bodego next to the playground.

And I prefer cucumbers myself.

cleig... cleigh717

I pretend I don't hear it. Plus isn't an ice cream cone like three bucks now from 1 of those trucks? Crazy! Smh

nonmember avatar lisakphillips

Most outrageous ice cream truck story? John Wayne Gacy. No contest.

PlayC... PlayCorner

I love the sound of the Ice Cream truck! They remind me of my own childhood. Granted, I don't get my kids ice cream everytime we hear it, but when I do, it always feels like the things memories are made of. 

nonmember avatar FM

The last time I bought ice cream-5 buck minimum charge. Never again is all I can say. It has gotten expensive over the year since I was a little girl

jaded... jadedcynic

Rupert Grint who played Ron Weasley owns an ice cream truck. He isn't allowed to sell his ice cream, but he often gives it away to children. The kids are like, "Aren't you Ron Weasley?"

nonmember avatar Meme3

I loved the icecream truck as a kid until we moved to a less friendly park of the city where my parents were warned away from the icecream trucks because some butthead was selling drugs out of the one in our neighborhood along with freeze pops and drumsticks. Way to kill my icey childhood dreams butthead

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