5 Summer Treats That Are Deliciously BAD for Us & 5 Swaps That Won't Wreck Our Diets

summer high calorie foodsI have a confession to make: Summer foods are starting to get the best of me. It was like coming into the season, like so many others, I was so focused on eating well, working out, and soaking in the rays. Now that we're midsummer, though, I'm just ... surrounded. Everywhere I turn there is some sort of delicious treat that I just have to have. Everywhere.

What kinda treats we talkin' about here? Well trust me, you know. There's grease. There's salt. And I bet you've even tangoed with a few of 'em too.

Do I have a solution? Well, maybe. Check out these 5 high-calorie summer treats that are deliciously bad for you, and 5 lower-calorie alternatives, here: