Outback Steakhouse Does Something Hilarious & Embarrassing to Customers on Their Birthdays (VIDEO)

outback birthday chairEven if you're not a Facebook junkie, you most likely look forward to that one special day a year when your wall is filled with birthday wishes galore, one after the other. It's not exactly the same as a phone call or seeing that friend or family member in person, but a Facebook birthday wish -- especially a whole bunch of 'em -- can still give you some warm and fuzzy feelings. That's what Outback Steakhouse hopes to replicate when you celebrate your b-day at their restaurants ... They've got a new special "B-Day Chair," which syncs up to your Facebook account via iPad and gives you a hug for every birthday wish you've received. Haha! Yuuuup, its true!

Forget the cheesy serenades of a made-up birthday song or forced dancing around the restaurant whilst wearing a sombrero (that happened to me in my teens). Now, you get HUGS FROM A CHAIR! Bhahahaha

Watch and be mesmerized by how it works ...


Yeah, so it's definitely a bit creepy ... And probably won't be popular with the kind of people who just want to go out for a low-key celebration of their birthday to drink some beers, eat a Bloomin' Onion with their buddies, and call it a night. But I'm sure there are Outback fans who are gonna get a real kick out of being felt up by a piece of furniture! Haha.

Oh, but it's also just a cute gimmick. Lots of bars/restaurants have their silly schtick to entice you to bring your big event their way. Whether that's a mechanical bull you can ride, Skee-ball, or a touchy-feely chair, you can celebrate your birthday at a restaurant with a goofy gimmick like this with memories of more than just eating and drinking to your heart's content!

What do you think of the "B-Day Chair"?

Image via Outback Steakhouse

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