Woman Suffering Breakup Gets Sweet Message From Restaurant Workers on Her Takeout Box

takout containerDo you ever eat your feelings? It's understandable. Life is hard, and sometimes you need a little comfort food to get you through. Redditor Icanteve721, A.K.A. Sam, took her woes to her favorite restaurant with a heartbreaking request. She ordered dinner online from Truly Vegan in Los Angeles, and in the "special instructions" section wrote, "Please write something uplifting on the container, I just got dumped." Everybody: AWW!

She has to be a regular customer to throw out a request like that -- because as we know from all the cruel notes customers have gotten on their bills, that could go terribly wrong. But in Sam's case, she got nothing but love. You have to see the sweet cartoon and encouraging notes the restaurant workers left on her takeout carton.


breakup advice takeout container

"You're worth it." "You don't need him to be happy." Isn't that perfect? And the cute little hearts and sunshine. That just slays me. Their advice is so... healthy! Probably just like the food inside the container. I guess it was a good idea for her to have her post-breakup meal from this place. She's nurturing herself body and soul, literally.

And I wonder if people who choose to work at a vegan restaurant are more likely to send you love. Not that vegans are more ethical than everyone else! I say this as a happy meat eater. Vegans do not have a monopoly on happiness or wisdom. But I'm just thinking, maybe they're especially wellness-minded.

So that's something to think about next time you're nursing a broken heart. Run to your nearest fast food restaurant, or go for food that's made with love? Maybe your heart will mend faster if you try the latter.

Where is the first place you'd eat if you'd just broken up?


Images via Mark Wallace/Flickr, Imgur

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