6 Simple Steps to Making Ice Pops the Whole Family Will Eat Up

Casey Rackham | Jul 21, 2013 Food & Party

homemade ice popsCome summertime, I crave ice pops like it's my job. Why? Because it can get unbearably hot and not everyone likes it when I stick my head in the freezer to cool off.

But instead of buying popsicles at the store every time, I've gotten into the habit of making my own ice pops, which are seriously satisfying treats to whip up.

With some small paper cups, craft sticks, water, sugar, fruit, and the help of your freezer (and maybe the kids if they want to join in on the fun), you can make your own ice pops for those sweltering summer days. And the best part about this recipe is that you can experiment with different types of fruits and juices to create the ultimate ice pop!

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To watch how it's done, check out this simple homemade ice pop recipe tutorial.

What ingredients do you like to use when you make homemade ice pops?

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