Man Gives Generous Tips to Waitresses Across the Country to Make Brother's Last Wish Come True (VIDEO)

We should all be so lucky as to have Seth Collins as a brother. The Kentucky man started a website with the initial goal of fulfilling his dying brother Aaron's last wish -- that a restaurant server get an "awesome tip" for a pizza in his name. Seth fulfilled that wish by handing over $500, which was raised online, to a waitress in Lexington. The moment the waitress was handed her awesome tip was videotaped and went viral. Aaron would have been happy with that. But Sean decided to take it even further. The fundraising site had raised much more than the initial $500, so he decided to keep spreading Aaron's wishes -- all over the country. He has so far visited 54 restaurants in 17 states, shocking over 50 servers with the best tips of their lives.


Tip number 54 went to a waitress in Indianapolis. Now Sean embarks on a 17,000-mile road trip to visit every state except Alaska and Hawaii. (And I bet he will get to those eventually!)

He hopes to visit at least 100 restaurants in 50 states. He says his most rewarding tip was for a waiter at a pizzeria in West Virginia. The server had just lost his mother a couple of weeks prior, and getting a gift from Aaron's spirit helped lift his.

Sean says that Aaron was the type of person who rejoiced in random acts of kindness, and he is on his mind with every tip he gives.

The public is helping to fund that random kindness -- so far he's raised $60,000. Companies have also stepped up to sponsor Sean's road trips. He videotapes every interaction and posts it to his website, Aaron's Last Wish.

I have no doubt that Aaron's spirit is watching and loving every moment of the generosity his life and death inspired. Wouldn't it be great if we all could do something similar for departed loved ones?

Watch this waitress's reaction as she gets her "awesome tip" -- it's awesome! She's so surprised and happy and practically faints!

Have you ever honored a dead relative or friend in a unique way? Are you a generous tipper?

Image via Aaron's Last Wish

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