Watermelon Cake Will Blow You Away When You See What's Inside

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watermelon cakeYou know when you come across a dessert that makes you squeal inwardly (maybe outwardly too), and you just can't wait to try it? This is one of those recipes. It's a watermelon cake that doesn't just contain some watermelon flavoring -- the middle is actually a big piece of watermelon.

You frost it with a fluffy whipped cream frosting, and decorate it with other fruit. When it's finished,  it looks like a regular old cake (see picture), but you cut it open, and it's like a big healthy fruit salad. Kids flip for it; adults adore it; and it couldn't be more perfect on a hot summer day.

Watermelon Cake

1 whole watermelon

Fruit of your liking. (cantaloupe, strawberries, blackberries, kiwi, and grapes all work great)

2 cups heavy cream

1/4 cup sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla


Cut top and bottom off watermelon, then slice of fthe rind so that you have a cylinder-shaped cake. Like this:

Watermelon Cake

Place on a platter.

Frost top and sides of cake.

Decorate with fruit, using toothpicks to secure fruit on the sides of the cake.

To make Frosting:

Whip cream until almost stiff. Add vanilla and sugar until peaks form and hold.

Note: You can also add toppings like coconut, granola, and nuts to personalize it as you wish.


Images via david olsson/Flickr

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Jessica Quinlan

I did this a few weeksback and the icing just slid off it, was a flop for us.

Felip... FelipesMom

Watermelon is so delicious. I can't imagine why anyone would want to add frosting. First of all it doesn't need improving. Second of all I think frosting on watermelon sounds disgusting.

Coles... Coles_mom

This seems nasty. I pinned this the other day on Pinterest under my board titled, "stupidest things I've ever seen". :)

prplecat prplecat

The sugar in the frosting will draw water out of the melon, making it slide off in just a few short minutes.  Skip this one.

Jenni... Jennishness

I love watermelon but this looks gross, what a rip off. Give me some real cake, damn it.

baham... bahamamama61

I want Watermelon by itself:)

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