10 Kitchen Shortcuts Every Mom Should Have Up Her Sleeve

kitchenI used to think I was pretty handy in the kitchen. No Martha Stewart, mind you, but I could handle your average kitchen tools pretty well. Then came motherhood, and I had to learn to do much of my cooking one-handed or to the exacting demands of said toddler.

It's been a test of my willpower at times, my creativity at others. But I have learned that knowing how to use all the kitchen tools correctly isn't the real trick. It's knowing how to hack them to make them work for you that makes you the master of your domain!

Spend enough time in a kitchen and you develop your own kitchen shortcuts, but here are some of my favorites that were dreamed up specifically by moms FOR moms.


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These will make your lives easier ... if you haven't already hacked them!

Moms, what are your favorite kitchen hacks?


Image via mafflong/Flickr

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