3 Easy & Impressive Ways to Fold Paper Napkins

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Hold the expensive centerpieces and fine china. Add some playful touches to your tabletop with something you probably already have in the house -- colorful paper napkins. Coordinate your napkin folding to reflect the theme of your summer fete: a rose for your garden lunch; a fan for your seaside dinner. And get the kids on board to help with the folding! It's an origami project with a practical twist.

1. A rose arrangement. Martha Stewart Living has great directions for this. You can use two different color square napkins -- one for the petals and another for the base -- or make a monochromatic pop-art flower out of, say, electric blue or yellow.

For the base, fold the napkin in half along the diagonal. Then fold it in half again along the long edge. Repeat.

For the petals, fold the second square napkin along the diagonal, take the corner opposite the longest side, and fold it up so it extends over the top. Fold the bottom edge so that it falls just short of the top, and begin rolling the napkin from one end to make the bud. Slip the flower between the leaves and place it in a glass.

2. A fan fold. Obviously appropriate for a hot summer's day and very easy to make. Use a large dinner napkin for the job. Make accordion-style pleats about half an inch wide. Bend the pleats in half to make a "handle" and insert the handle into the a shallow glass. Spread the fan out so it rests dramatically above the rim.

3. A lotus blossom bowl. Set these on top of your dinner plate and fill them with snacks or battery-operated tea lights. The steps are a bit more challenging, but the result is worth it.

Do you have any favorite paper napkin folding ideas?


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arpazia arpazia

Those are pretty

Bmat Bmat

These are so elegant! Thank you for the ideas.

aneela aneela

very neat!! i really never fold napkins tho

MamaM... MamaMandee

I do not have any ideas but those are cool, thanks! 

Leele... Leelee1008

no ideas here. my cousin folded diapers out of napkins for my baby shower.

Rushn311 Rushn311

nope cause I never have and don't know how

4kidz916 4kidz916

I've never done any fancy folding but I'd like to try a few of these. 

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