The Best Way to Eat Milk & Cookies Revealed -- You've Been Doing It Wrong! (VIDEO)

how to eat a cookie like a boss screenshotI've always wondered how you're technically supposed to enjoy milk and cookies without making a massive mess. I've wondered if my inability to do so just had to do with the fact that I'm kinda klutzy and accident-prone anyway. But no, apparently, it's a popular question among milk and cookie lovers. You've gotta have exactly the right cup or glass, and even then it can still get to be an irritating, sloppy affair. Especially when kids are involved!

Those are a few reasons Elie Ayrouth over at felt it necessary to share with us his "revolutionary" discovery of The Best Possible Way to Eat Milk & Cookies (aka "Like a Boss"). Okay, so it's not like stumbling upon a new continent or cure for a fatal disease, but it's still kinda brilliant.

Check it out ...



Ha, awesome. Now, while I completely understand the pros of this genius milk and cookie eating strategy -- flawless dunking, self-contained mess, easy clean-up --  I appreciate that Ayrouth had the sense to note that it will require wreckage of your cookie packaging! And that's fine, but I wouldn't suggest finishing the entire package, as he does! How 'bout  storing leftover cookies in a Tupperware or cookie jar instead? And then cutting up and reusing the plastic trays that come with your cookie packaging as milk containers as you go! How's that for green and clean?!

Would you try this?



Image via FoodBeastTV/YouTube

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