6 Easy Ways to Sneak Vegetables Into Your Diet (PHOTOS)

Ways to Eat More vegetablesNow that it's summer, we're all trying to figure out ways to trim the fat and stick to a healthier lifestyle. Sure, you can exercise all you want and spend your free time outdoors (as you should), but the basis of that healthier way of life comes from what you eat. You know what that means? Incorporating healthier things into your diet. No. 1 priority: vegetables.

I know. Sometimes it's hard to eat a plethora of veggies, and often they aren't all that satisfying or filling. The big secret? Sneaking their nutrients and goodness into other foods and treats. Check out our list of 6 yummy ways to sneak vegetables into your diet:


How do you make sure to get enough vegetables in your diet? Do you have any favorite recipes?