6 Easy Ways to Sneak Vegetables Into Your Diet (PHOTOS)

Emily Abbate | Jun 20, 2013 Food & Party

Ways to Eat More vegetablesNow that it's summer, we're all trying to figure out ways to trim the fat and stick to a healthier lifestyle. Sure, you can exercise all you want and spend your free time outdoors (as you should), but the basis of that healthier way of life comes from what you eat. You know what that means? Incorporating healthier things into your diet. No. 1 priority: vegetables.

I know. Sometimes it's hard to eat a plethora of veggies, and often they aren't all that satisfying or filling. The big secret? Sneaking their nutrients and goodness into other foods and treats. Check out our list of 6 yummy ways to sneak vegetables into your diet:

How do you make sure to get enough vegetables in your diet? Do you have any favorite recipes?


  • 1. In Smoothies


    Image via Jose Carlos Cortizo Perez/ Flickr

    Smoothies are a SUPER easy way to slip in extra anything into your diet, from vegetables to protein and other additives. Spinach especially has a minimal added taste -- so it's easy to mask the flavor with a plethora of other yummy fruits.


  • 2. In Pasta


    Image via andrusdevelopment/ Flickr

    Throwing a whole bunch of vegetables into your favorite pasta dish adds bulk and variety. Plus, with the extra flavors you may not need to douse the carbs with high-calorie sauces or oils. My go-to pasta add-ins? Mushrooms, tomatoes, zucchini, and my favorite -- squash.


  • 3. In Pizza Crust


    Image via kirybaby/ Flickr

    The moment I discovered cauliflower pizza crust, my world changed. With this crust, you could literally eat an entire small pizza for the same calorie content as two slices. Does it taste exactly like regular 'ol crust? Of course not. But heck, it's a damn good alternative.

  • 4. In Sauce


    Image via thriving vegetarian/ Flickr

    Dice 'em up and throw 'em in there -- sauteed vegetables are an easy thing to throw into your favorite sauce. The best part? This is such an easy way to "hide" veggies that you could even get kids to eat them this way!

  • 5. In Soups


    Image via pathlost/ Flickr


    The possibilities for vegetables in soups is endless. Personally, I'm a fan of pureeing them to make a creamy base with some added chicken or vegetable stock, and then you can move forward from there. This black bean and tomato soup is RIGHT up my alley.

  • 6. In Juices


    Image via itchys/ Flickr


    Just like smoothies, juices are another great beverage to hide your veggies in. Of course, you'll need a juicer to make them on your own at home, but my go-to juicing veggies include carrots, spinach, and cucumbers.


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