Ridiculous Restaurant Requiring Women to Wear Heels Drops Rule After Backlash

proabitionYou've seen those "no shirts, no shoes, no service" signs at restaurants, right? And maybe you've dined at one of those fancy places that require men to wear a jacket? Well, LA '20s-themed restaurant ProAbition has a really specific dress code: "Ladies: No flat shoes or sandals. Must have heels. Exception will be made if injured." High heels only? So... this is a restaurant we're talking about here, right?

I can see how ProAbition (actually that A should be upside-down, sigh) is trying to create a certain kind of atmosphere. They also forbid "baggy attire," hoodies, t-shirts, and other grubby duds. I get it -- atmosphere is important to the dining experience. I think it sounds fun to eat someplace where even the diners are in costume.


But come on, heels? Your feet are under the table, first of all. Fine, they want us to wear pretty shoes. Do they really have to be heels? Full disclosure, I'm wearing heels as I write this. I don't have anything against heels. I'm just saying, sometimes a certain outfit looks much better with a certain pair of flats or sandals, and it's an outfit that's just perfect for a '20s-themed restaurant, and you don't really want to go out and buy a NEW pair of shoes just to comply with the restaurant's rules. (Yes, you do.) (No, you don't.) (Come on, it would be fun.) (Shut up, you have plenty of shoes!)

MY POINT IS, I feel like when you get into this level of detail for the dress code you're kind of missing the whole mission of a restaurant. It's a place where people eat. It's about the food, first. Well, I guess this is more a lounge, so it's about the drinks. But still, you know what every diner should bring? A healthy appetite for fun and adventure.

Anyway, ProAbition (ugh) got so much blowback over the high heels rule that they put out a long apology on Facebook, admitting that "'fashionable cocktail' attire should have sufficed." Yes it should! It's a restaurant/club, not the set for the movie Gatsby. Now let's all just have some fun.

What do you think about dress codes for restaurants?


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