New Watermelon Oreos Sound So Weird Yet So Tempting at the Same Time

oreosHonestly? It sounds kinda gross. Kinda gross in a let-me-just-polish-off-this-sleeve-first sort of way, because once I get my hands on the latest Watermelon Oreos, I'm not coming up for air. Having just discovered a few weeks ago the Birthday Cake Oreos (I know! I'm so late to the party), I can't wait to dive head first into another off-shoot of the most delicious cookies on the planet.

Better still? We're in luck.


The Watermelon Oreos hit store shelves on June 10 and The Huffington Post reports that you can buy them at Target. They're apparently around $3 a box.

Bad news is, they're only available for a limited time. If you had plans for the weekend, better go ahead and inform your family you won't be attending Granddad's funeral because you have some Oreo errands to run. They'll understand, just as your kids understood you weren't available to go trick-or-treating with them because Oreos launched a Candy Corn flavor. Your family's cool like that.

I mean, because, YOU GUYS. Bright green and red watermelon-flavored filling smushed between two perfect vanilla cookies!? Summer never sounded so sweet. And fruity. And crunchie.

Only problem is, think they'll be good dipped in milk?


Are you gonna try the Watermelon Oreos?


Photo via Oreo

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