Mama June's 'Multimeal' Recipe Is So Simple Your Husband Can Make It! (VIDEO)

multimealLet's be real, here: Mama June isn't an extraordinary chef. That's not to say that the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo star doesn't know a thing or two about being in the kitchen. Heck, they're coming out with a Honey Boo Boo cookbook for crying out loud. But her tastes, well, they aren't exactly well-developed. Her ingredients? Simple and mostly canned. Hey, if that's what works for the Boo Boos (as I like to call 'em), then who am I to intrude?

Which is why instead of ridiculing Mama June for her latest unhealthy monstrosity of the meal, I commend her. The reality star recently allowed cameras into her kitchen and showed them how to make her masterpiece "multimeal." In it? Layers of hamburger meat, milk, mashed potatoes, shredded cheese, corn, and of course -- butter.

Sound caloric? Well yeah, that's because it probably is. But it also looks like a meal that most moms can respect for a MAJOR reason: ease.


The best part about multimeal? The fact that the whole thing is made in one little pan. With that said, it's also pretty great that most of the ingredients come in a box, bag, or can. No complicated ingredients = no complaining about making dinner.

Now, would you make multimeal at your home?


Image via TLC

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