Dad Furious Over Father’s Day Restaurant Bill That Curses Out His Kid

friendlysJoe Gibson thought he'd had a perfectly good Father's Day dinner with his four-year-old son. They's just enjoyed some chicken, soda, and fries at a Friendly's in St. Louis when Gibson got his bill. There, underneath the wing sauce and a charge for the boy's chicken leg, someone had added a special, profanity-laced item that seemed directed specifically at Gibson's young son -- and it's wasn't very nice at all. "F*CKIN NEEDY KIDS." Uh, happy Father's Day to you, too, Friendly's employee!

Naturally, Gibson was furious. He confronted the manager, who told him that little note at the bottom was just a little joke, heh heh, mistakenly printed out. The waitress was in a hurry. He apologized. But Gibson wasn't satisfied, and posted the bill on Facebook. I was all ready to be outraged on his behalf... that is, until I got a few more details.


Here's the thing. That Friendly's is a bar that serves customers 21 or older. They weren't even supposed to allow Gibson's son in the place. Not only that, they bent the rules again and gave Gibson's son an extra piece of chicken. The manager made these exceptions because what the hell, it's Father's Day and the guys eating out with his son, you know? But maybe that caused a little resentment among the staff.

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Anyway, I think if a restaurant where you're not even supposed to bring your child welcomes you anyway and gives your child an extra piece of chicken, maybe you shouldn't make such a fuss over a rude remark on your bill. I've never been to St. Louis, but I assume they have other restaurants where children are welcome. It's a big city. I can't imagine Friendly's chicken is something so spectacular that it's worth breaking the rules. 

So Gibson kind of lost my sympathy. I still think it was a rude thing to write on the bill, but come on. Complain to the manager and then move on with your life! Show your son how a grown-up man behaves.


Do you think Gibson had a right to be angry about the note on his bill?


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