Restaurant Worker Claims Moldy Lemons Are Being Served to Customers to Save Money

moldy lemonsA number of disturbing photos out of fast food restaurants have hit the web recently, and this latest one -- and the story attached to it -- is no less crazy. The pic was posted on Reddit by a user claiming to be an employee of the Five Guys burger joint chain and featured moldy lemons, along with a description that read, "My manager just forced me to serve these lemons so that we don't 'waste money.'" Whoa, right?

Not only is that a really bold accusation, but if it's true, it's thoroughly worrisome -- not just to patrons of Five Guys, but to anyone who dines out at a restaurant that may be secretly attempting to cut corners in a dangerous way ... like by serving moldy foods, which can lead to serious health conditions.


Of course mold can cause your run of the mill allergic reactions and respiratory problems, but depending on the situation and conditions, it can produce poisonous mycotoxins, which may prove fatal in extreme cases. Eeesh. 

That said, this makes me seriously apprehensive about going for that slice of lemon with my iced water or tea while dining out! It's bad enough that Dr. Oz discovered five out of five lemons from five different restaurants were coated with germs, including bacteria, staph, Candida yeast, and yup, mold! Guuughhh.

It does bear noting that you never can tell if claims made on Reddit are fact or completely fabricated. Still, Five Guys -- to their credit -- seems concerned about what may be going on at one of their franchises. Five Guys representative Molly Catalano told HuffPost:

Five Guys is focused on serving the highest quality food in a clean and safe environment. We follow all health code requirements as well as our own brand and health standards. In addition to normal health department inspections, every Five Guys restaurant is inspected by a third party health safety auditing firm, through unannounced visits. We also audit our stores, twice a week, with mystery shoppers to ensure that our stores are following all brand, cooking and health procedures.

Catalano went on to say that the chain could use more information to investigate the claim, so "we encourage the person who posted this to contact us either through our anonymous customer hotline (866-345-GUYS) or our main office number so that we can gather details." Fingers crossed they get to the bottom of this -- lest our appetites for dining out be ruined for good.

Are you concerned by this?


Image via Reddit via Imgur

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