5 Annoying Things All Families Want to Avoid at a Pool Party

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pool partySummertime brings plenty of pool party invites. Which means we must be prepared! There are some spoken and unspoken pool party rules we should all follow -- aside from making sure you remember your sunscreen or wide brimmed hats. This is etiquette for both you and your kids to consider.

There are 5 annoying things all families will want to avoid at a pool party that particularly stand out.

1. Kids and water guns or water balloons. They don't mix. Particularly when there are people who don't want to get wet. Aunt Sally with her perfectly set and straight-from-the-hairdresser hair is just one guest who doesn't want to become victim. Neither is anyone wearing dry-clean only.

2. Too many kids, not enough floaties. Let's also add in supervision. Pool parties need safety first and foremost. We need adults around and plenty of floaties or whatever is the best safety device for each kids. Without this there is stress and kids upset they can't go in the pool.

3. The swim diaper situation. Some people are real sticklers when it comes to kid poop floating in the pool. Consider this before you go.

4. The adult bathing suit situation. Parents need to consider this when hanging out with their kids at a pool party or they will literally be hanging out. Kids love to pull on strings.

5. When the music is too loud. This goes for any party any time, but music that blares so loud you have to shout so people can hear you just makes it all less fun.

What are other annoying things that go on at pool parties, particularly when it comes to parties with kids?


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sukainah sukainah

I've never been to a pool party.  I take my son to swimming lessons and he doesn't know how to swim yet.  Neither one of them do, so I'd be a nervous wreck LOL

Wish2Be Wish2Be

I would say that its crazy annoying when kids are rough and they ignore the smaller children. Moms dont watch their children sometimes.

Madel... Madelaine

I think the most annoying thing is the older children being rough or inconsiderate around the younger ones.

Rushn311 Rushn311

Definitely older children not being courteous of younger children....and  I hate splashing

Bmat Bmat

The too loud music is a problem.  

aneela aneela

yeah the rough housing is a no no

aneela aneela

and the poop thing too

Leele... Leelee1008

we are having a pool party for my soon to be 10 year old at my mils house, in August. We did this last year for him. We invite like aged children, and for the little ones, there are adults in the pool as well to contoroll wild behavior.

justi... justins_momm292

DH wants a pool. I'm afriad it would turn into a hang out for all the kids in the neighborhood and that would NOT be a good thing.

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