Mold in Juice Boxes Isn't as Rare as You May Think

juice boxApple, orange, grape, and mold? There's a new ingredient in juice boxes that might not be that tasty. Evidently, finding mold in children's juice boxes is not entirely uncommon -- even juice box brands admit that it happens occasionally. If air gets in the box, the sugars in the juice ferment (which can actually turn the drink into boozy wine), and boom: life is born. Mold starts to grow.

But is it dangerous? And what happens if you eat it?


ABC 7 interviewed a lab technician who explains that any mold found in a juice box is likely airborne mold, and reassures that we handle raw foods that are more dangerous than that on a daily basis.

Still, the mold could cause an upset stomach, vomiting, or diarrhea, which should obviously be monitored, but the ingesting the mold itself is not life-threatening.

It is, however, something you can avoid. Before letting your kids suck the life out of that box, squeeze a bit out of the straw first to ensure the juice's color and smell are in line with what you'd expect. Check expiration dates. And if your kid complains that their juice tastes funny, don't make them drink it, lest they become a drunken, throw-uppy mess with a bad case of the runs.

Bottom line: a moldy juice box is super gross, but a) it's kind of rare, b) it won't kill you, c) it's easy to detect.

As long as you're somewhat vigilant when it comes to your kids and their juice box habit, everything should work out just fine.


Have you ever found mold in your juice box?


Photo via edenpictures/Flickr

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