Mystery Woman Pays Entire Restaurant's Tab & We Think We Know Why

restaurant billWe're not saying a lottery winner paid for everyone's dinner tab one night at BuddyFreddy's, but we're not saying she didn't, either. A "mystery woman" picked up an entire restaurant's tab following the Sunday early bird special in Plant City, Florida. Witnesses say she looked exactly like 84-year-old Gloria Mackenzie, perhaps the biggest lotto winner in history. Of course, if you're dining during the early bird special in Florida your eyesight may not be that great. But we'll just go with it.

After finishing her dinner, the mystery woman paid a bill of $2,600. That left a 10 percent tip for the wait staff, which is about what you'd expect. But never mind that. The diners all gathered around her and gave her hugs, which is actually the real reason why we all want to win the lottery: To buy hugs. But was Gloria just trying to make up for the shady way she won that lotto?


It was a sweet thing of her (or "mystery woman") to do, for sure. Let's remember, though, that the real Glora Mackenzi reportedly cut in line to get her winning ticket. Is she just going to go around buying everyone dinner for the rest of her life? Because... she could, you know. I'm sure that would be kind of rewarding for her. She's 84, for crying out loud. And she just won $600 million. Even after she pays the taxes on that, it's going to be very hard to spend all that money. She's got, what, maybe 15 more years left to live?

I like this buying dinner for everyone idea -- but to really do it justice, Gloria should come up here to New York City. First of all, she'll burn through that money a lot faster. Secondly, I live here and I'm hungry all the time. Gloria, I have a great idea! It's warm here now, but I know you retired to Florida for a reason and it gets cold up here in New York. Why not just mail me a few million and I'll just pay my restaurant bills myself? That way you don't have to travel or anything. I'm thinking about what's in your best interest here.

If you won $600 million, would you pay for a whole restaurant's dinner tab?


Image via Robert S. Donovan/Flickr


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