Woman's Racist Rant Against Dunkin' Donuts Workers Is So Insane You Won't Believe It (VIDEO)

Dunkin Donuts rantWe live in a world where consumer "justice" through social media is kind of the norm. We expect to be able to use Facebook and Twitter to help us out companies who give us bad service or treat us badly, and used that way, it's actually really a great tool. But companies aren't always the bad guy and sometimes that social media revenge backfires.

That is what happened to Taylor Chapman after she had some kind of altercation over a receipt with a Dunkin' Donuts employee and then brought a camera the next day to film herself berating the employees over the incident. No matter what happened (and it isn't clear it was even anything all that bad), NOTHING justifies her racist, cruel taunts against the employees of that store. I don't care WHAT they did. See below:


Can you BELIEVE this? She says things like: "Because I'm about to nuke your whole f------ planet from Mars,"


"You think you all are tough big fat Arabs bombing the Trade Center? I'll show you tough."


"This s--- is about to go live b----. Right on Facebook."

Who does she think she is making look bad?

Last year, I had a situation where an employee at a department store was incredibly rude to me. He belittled me, mocked me, and then refused to let me return a pair of jeans I had bought for $200 just a couple weeks before.

I was furious and I took it to Twitter. Within moments I had a reply, and by the end of the week, I had apologies and my money back. Was I angry? Yes. Was I hurt and humiliated? Yes, that too. But I also knew that being the bigger person meant allowing him to call me names and not firing back. It meant complaining in the right way that would get the results I knew I was entitled to receive.

I don't know what this woman wanted. It's not clear. But she didn't succeed in getting to her goal, she made herself look horrible, and she made me want to go to my nearest Dunkin' and buy everything on the menu just to apologize for her egregious behavior.

The employees at Dunkin's did nothing wrong. This insane lady with a video camera did. So the next time you think you have been wronged by a corporation, think twice about how you behave. If you look worse than them, you are going to be mightily embarrassed.

Do you think this woman was way out of line?


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