Man's Foolish Food Dare Lands Him in a 3-Day Coma

soy sauceYou think soy sauce is just soy sauce -- just an innocent condiment sitting there on the table, ready to flavor your sushi. But beware. A dark menace lurks within that bottle. Some goofy guy found this out the hard way after he went into a coma after overdosing on soy sauce. That's right, too much soy sauce sent a young man in his prime into a coma, and it's a freaking miracle he survived without permanent damage.

We don't know who the soy sauce drinker is. His identity as a total knucklehead is protected. We just know that he drank a quart of soy sauce on a dare from his friends. That's enough salt content to kill a person or at least cause permanent neurological problems. Here's what happened after he glugged down all that sauce -- it's not pretty.


First he began twitching and having seizures. His friends rushed him to the ER. He went into a coma and was sent to another hospital where he had the salt flushed out by pumping 1.5 gallons of a sugar water solution into his body through a nasal tube. Brown fluid came out. Five hours later his sodium levels were fine again, but he stayed in his coma for three days. He recovered, though, and went back to his college classes, hopefully a little bit wiser now.

So yeah. If someone dares you to drink a bottle of soy sauce, SAY NO. Just say no to drinking soy sauce, kids. No.

Not that any of us would overdose on soy sauce. But wow, can you believe soy sauce can do so much damage to a body? Too much of a good thing, I guess. I kind of figured drinking a quart of soy sauce wouldn't be very good for you since it's so salty. But I didn't know it could send you into a coma and cause permanent damage. Isn't it funny how we eat all these foods in tiny amounts and they're perfectly fine -- but in large doses, they could kill you? I'll always feel like I'm doing something just the teensiest bit dangerous now whenever I eat soy sauce.

Did you know soy sauce could be this dangerous?


Image via palindrome6996/Flickr

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